About Us

Welcome to AMRAP Plus One –

AMRAP Plus One was developed by a former collegiate student athlete who discovered CrossFit later in life.

Although college sports had ended , the competitive juices never stopped flowing.

For years he searched for a way to stay in shape and also satisfy his competitive desires. The $15 a month gym that was right up the street was just not cutting it.

Sure he would work out and stay somewhat in shape but the workouts were boring and without purpose.

One day he decided to take an introductory class for a CrossFit that was close by. Never had push-ups ; sit-ups and pull-ups been so hard. The challenge was enough to get hooked.

From there on out he discovered that the community was just as fun as the workouts! See , he worked from home and no longer had the social outlets he used to while in school, which made his box that  much more enticing of a place to be.

As a marketer by profession he saw a big hole in the CrossFit community for originality when it came to clothing. He also noticed the serious nature of most of the fitness brands out there.

His goal is to break down those serious walls and provide original, fun and sometimes tongue in cheek clothing to the community he loves.

So join him and his vision to create a fun and enjoyable community that love the sport!

AMRAP Plus One

“Functional Fitness Fanatics”