Of all the things I’m asked about CrossFit, the one I’m asked most often is “do you know anything about this gym?” or its variant, “do you know a good gym in this city?”  The answer is usually “no,” because it’s not like we all know each other. Even in Seattle, I don’t know thaaaaaat many of the bajillion gyms that are popping up. So I do what I do when I’m curious about anything, Google it. And although there is NO substitute for going in and getting the feel of a place, I will weed gyms out pretty quickly based on their Web sites.

So, that said, I want you to try CrossFit. I want it to make you strong and empowered, both physically and emotionally. I believe that finding a good fit with a good CrossFit gym can change your life. So let me tell you what I look for in a gym – or at least on their website:



The first thing I look at is the photos. I look for photos of a wide variety of people. People of all shapes, sizes, colors and fitness levels. To me, that says that it is a diverse community in which most people would find a reflection of themselves, and that matters greatly. The more connected to community, the more likely you are to stick with it. I also look for AN ABSENCE of “you, dude, look at my ripped yoke being badass and shiny impressive” photos. Those tell me that they gym values appearance and shock-value more than the safe athletics of their members. Seriously, the photos a gym shows you will tell you more about what they value than anything else. A picture is worth a thousand words.