Wall Balls are a staple of a CrossFit Workout. The movement of taking a weighted ball, performing a squat and then projecting the ball upward to a target on the wall is the pure example of core to extremity.

Founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman explains:

“The wall ball drill comprises two highly functional classical weightlifting movements brought together at light loads and extended duration to create a super—potent metabolic conditioning tool with an enormous potential for increasing athletic performance.”

So Love them or hate them? Whatever your opinion, they are a fantastic movement for your CrossFit workouts.

1. Core to Extremity Functional Movement

In CrossFit, we talk about “functional” exercises. The Wall Ball recruits many multiple muscles, multiple joints and is performed in multiple planes. A core to extremity exercise with movement required below parallel (the squat) and overhead (the launch). Wall balls are a highly functional movement, carrying over to sport and human performance in general.